Ranking Machine

This is a test.





This was something I developed on request, and am more than happy with how it came out.

It is a tool designed to be used to help plan out Top 10 lists, or to help you figure out your exact order of preference for pretty much anything you can imagine. After filling out the form and pressing “Begin”, you will repeatedly be given two choices, and all you need to do is to pick the one you like more. The app will automatically realize when one choice beats another via transitive relations (ie. if A > B and B > C, if A and C show up the app will automatically pick A).

Update 12/21/2017:

The tool is now functioning on pure Javascript instead of JQuery, which means it’ll be much more efficient than it was before.  There have also been a few minor updates to the code to fix a few bugs and to allow the Undo button to work as originally intended.

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