Originally dubbed “GifMaster”, OceaniGif is a FFmpeg front-end I developed after trying and being disappointed by the results of countless Video-to-Gif converter programs.  While converting videos to Gifs with FFmpeg via command line isn’t too daunting, it is a bit tricky to remember all the flags and parameters when you aren’t converting videos every day, and figuring out the start and end times of a snippet of a video through repeated conversions can get a bit tedious.


  • Simple to use, drag-and-drop-friendly interface for quickly making high quality Animated Gifs
  • Supports most common video formats
  • Wide range of options for fine-tuning file size and image quality

Windows Requirements



  • Switched to VLC ActiveX Plugin v2
  • Added Speed Slider
  • Added ability to manually adjust Start and End Times
  • Added ability to preview Start and End Frames
  • "All Video" now actually selects the entire video

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