Made around the same time as OceaniGif, this project was fittingly dubbed “TagMaster” when I began it, but I figured it’d be best to switch to a name that represented the simple-but-powerful nature of the tool.

This tool is almost exclusively useful for web developers working in HTML, although there could be some other uses here and there.  Using the tool, you can automatically encase text you type or paste into the Input field with <p>, <a>, <li> tags, or anything you specify in the upper fields.  It’s developed around the concept of speed, and has definitely been a lifesaver as my full time web developer position has called for quite a few static HTML sites with tons of content.


  • Quickly convert plaintext from word documents to web-friendly markup
  • Copy to Clipboard button so you don't have to select all of the output text
  • Automatically remove those pesky bullet point characters that get copied along with the text you need

Known Issues

  • Some bullet characters may not be recognized, and will therefore not be removed

Windows Requirements

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